Another exciting month for Project Orbit; the overall progress has exceeded the halfway milestone, and we are now reaching 60% in total progress. Right now we are expecting a fulfillment between late November and early December,  and we are trying our best to make sure it happens before the Christmas rush. Huge thanks to the team working around the clock!

1. PCB Production

While we've had a hiccup with over 600 pieces of PCBs with a defect where the JST port was shifted up by 2mm, which was a human error from the manufacturer side, causing interference between PCB and bottom case, we were fortunate to catch this issue during the QC process. As a result, we've decommissioned all the affected PCBs and placed an order for an entirely new batch. This setback will push our timeline back by approximately 2 weeks.

2. Machining 

In the meantime, the CNC work is progressing smoothly, with the majority of the parts completed. Next month, we'll be transitioning to the surface finishing process!

3. Packaging Production

Packaging production is underway and expected to finish in October.

A big thanks to all of you for being a part of this journey. Your support is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for more content next month!

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