I had the chance to visit our factory in China this month. Meeting the team in person was a fantastic experience, all the photos and videos were taken by myself this month.

The overall progress is proceeding as planned, and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is still set for late November or early December.


1. Machining

We've wrapped up all the machining work for this month, I had the chance to witness the Orbit being machined up close. Finding out that it takes over 10 hours to machine a single top case was quite surprising to me. Kudos to the team for their dedication!


                                                         A short video of CNC process


2. Surface finishing

Currently, all the parts are in the process of undergoing surface finishing, with the aim to have it completed this month. 

A snapshot of the anodization pools for our Orbit

3. Packaging

All the carry cases are delivered  to our warehouse


4. PCB Production

All the PCBs are currently in production and are expected to be completed in early November.


Thanks for always being there with your support and patience!

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