Cloudnine July Update Pt.1

Cloudnine July Update Pt.1


This is the first production update for Cloudnine GB. Apologies for the delay. Over the past month, I have focused on gathering feedback from the community during the GB. Based on this feedback, we made another round of iterations on the EC kit, and the case design was adjusted accordingly. Additionally, all the feedback on the PCB has been addressed. The hotswap PCB now supports both full Backspace and full right shift, with the option to choose between split Backspace and split right shift as well.

We have placed the order with the manufacturer, and the expected delivery time is mid-November. This is only part one of July's update. I will post another update as we progress this month, so please expect a part two update later this month.

Here are the details of what have changed internally:


 * Tadpoles have been relocated to areas outside the spacebar for both 6u and 7u spacebars


* Space has been recently adjusted to allow for the movement of the EC space bar wire.

* Fixed the fitment of the EC PCB near the cable area.

* Reduced the diameter of the rubber feet holes for a more secure fit.

Thank you for all the support, see you soon!


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