Project Orbit is making remarkable strides as it hits the 40% progress mark in August. This milestone underscores the team's dedication and the project's solid trajectory toward its anticipated November completion!

Milestone Reached: 40% Progress

The Orbit project is reaching the halfway point. This accomplishment is a testament to the collaborative efforts of all the team members working diligently to bring Orbit to life.

What's Next: Exciting Developments

As the project charges ahead, key developments on the horizon include:

1. Machining 

We're making solid progress in the machining department. By next month, we'll have most of the machining work squared away, and our focus will shift to surface treatment in the next phase.

2. PCB Production

After giving everything a thorough test run, we're all set to kick off PCB production next month, and don't worry, we'll have it wrapped up before we finish up with the machining part.

3. Packaging Production

Packaging production is up next on our list. We're excited to create packaging that mirrors the innovation inside, ensuring a seamless unboxing experience for all our users.

4. Final Touches

Quality checks, packaging, and shipping will culminate in the November fulfilment.


Thanks all for the continuous support!

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